Who are Korber? What you need to know as a Impact WMS Customer.

In August 2017, Körber acquired HighJump, which is now managed under its business area, Körber Supply Chain. Körber brings together a number of companies, including 12 supply chain technology providers (four in automation and eight in software and consulting). These 12 providers include two WMS providers that have multiple WMS solutions. HighJump (named Körber since March 2020) and inconso.

Körber has adopted a cloud-first model across a significant proportion of its customer base ( more than 1,300 customers), with supply chain software housed and managed remotely, while offering on-premises and hybrid solutions for customers whose unique complexities require them to deploy in this manner.

Before the acquisition, HighJump had three distinct WMSs — now named Körber InMotion Warehouse Edge, Körber InMotion Enterprise 3PL and Körber InMotion Warehouse Advantage.

As an Impact WMS client you would already know we are a solution provider of Warehouse Edge. Warehouse Edge is targeted specifically for small and midsize businesses. Its largest markets are wholesale distribution and consumer products, but the application is also experiencing growth in retail/e-commerce.

Impact WMS believes the Körber acquisition of HighJump will not only be a key ally and resource for Impact WMS but, will also be an added benefit to helping us serve you our clients.

To learn more about Körber you can visit there website.