Körber One Platform Apps

Our adaptable Körber One platform affords customers extensive latitude in personalizing their solutions to meet their specific business needs. But, Körber has taken the theme a level deeper. Why not create a series of applications that give customers a set of building blocks that can be used to assemble solutions tailored to meet their specific needs and that offer the flexibility to be used in conjunction with other applications or on their own.

Over the last several years the Körber suite has grown to include:


Delivers operational insights in real-time in the form of reports and dashboards, allowing for actionable information to get to the right people when they need it. By leveraging the extensible dashboards, you can gain insight into fundamental operational indicators to help you make real-time business decisions.

  • Gain deeper insight into your business operations
  • Visualize information across your business
  • Empower your workforce
  • Cross business boundaries
  • Unchain your data
  • Create an information culture
  • Systematic vigil


Appointment and resource planning tool designed to give you complete visibility and control of your inbound and outbound warehouse activities.

  • Streamline your appointment process
  • Schedule your key resources
  • Share the information across your organization
  • Put your partners to work
  • Drive your processes
  • Ensure optimal staffing levels
  • Keep track of your results


An integrated multi-carrier shipping system that helps reduce shipping costs by allowing customers to rate shop between different carriers. It improves reliability by allowing you to track every shipment and maintain key performance metrics to make sure your shipping process isn’t syphoning money out of your business.

  • Drive efficiency and accuracy through automation
  • Drive process efficiency 
  • Automate your shipping
  • Reduce complexity
  • Reduce spend and increase visibility
  • Track overall spend
  • Automate your visibility 


Enables companies to maximize the effectiveness of their freight spend by combining load building optimization, scheduling, and routing decisions support for least-cost shipping.

  • Drive better results through refined planning
  • Maximize utilization or spend
  • Define your parameters
  • Evaluate alternatives
  • Drive process efficiency
  • Adjust for the real world
  • Automate your optimization 


Delivers visibility into the precise location of all your products once they’ve been shipped out the door. This includes load tracking, information on freight orders, document imaging to access trip documents, and reporting dashboards for valuable customer insight

  • Keep track of your critical assets
  • Complete history
  • Reach out to your customers
  • Stay in contact
  • Capture valuable information
  • Sign on glass
  • Keep track of your results


Automate your quality assurance and inspection processes for subjects as diverse as the inbound receipt of goods, outbound sales orders, material handling equipment, tractors/trailers, physical plant equipment, or specialized inventory.

  • Doing it right the first time makes a difference
  • Make quality systematic
  • No dedicated quality inspectors needed
  • Change is a constant
  • Managing returns can define your profitability
  • Pick your spot
  • Keep track of your results