Online Learning Opportunities

The COVID pandemic has changed the way business is done. More working from home and less professional interaction, but you still want to network and continue learning. A positive coming out of the shift in socializing is the numerous online professional development opportunities available. The Association for Supply Chain Management, Atlanta Chapter, has been collecting learning opportunities people can attend. These events are focused on supply chain content and offer both professional interaction and continuous learning opportunities. The better events offer attendee interaction and networking before the formal presentation (this is a hint for anyone hosting a virtual event).

The list is published bi-weekly and includes events from around the world, offered in multiple time zones, covering any and all supply chain topics. The only restriction to the list is how much time is available to scour the internet looking for events. Most events are free but an initial word of caution, sometimes you get what you pay for. Here is a current list from the ASCM Atlanta newsletter:

4/20: Air Operations Support Equipment w/ Steve Townes

4/20: $ The Talent Management Life Cycle Journey w/ Shawn Nelson

4/20: Increasing productivity of person-to-goods operations w/ Anton Du Preez (Korber)

4/20: Key Competitive Requirements for American Manufacturers w/ Michele Nash-hoff

4/21: Material Planning in the age of Covid-19 w/ Stephanie Thompson

4/21: Princetel, Inc. – Virtual Plant Tour w/ Barry Zhang

4/21: Supply Chain Risk Management w/ Matt Marthinson

4/21: Interview Champions w/ Harry Cameau

4/21: The e-Commerce Hangover: Reverse Logistics w/ Tony Sciarrotta

4/21: Three Strategies to Get Ahead of E-comm Fulfillment Demands w/ Melissa O’Keefe

4/22: How Agile Leaders Inspire in an Age of Disruption w/ Nate Robbins

4/22: How Digital Twins Clear the Path to Productivity w/ Kaitlyn Banks

4/27: Improving a goods-to-person Order Fulfillment System w/ Waldemar Kluge (Korber)

4/28: $ Monthly BYOB Happy Hour w/ CSCMP Chicago

4/29: APICS-Chicago Economic Outlook Update 17 w/ Dr. Edward F. Stuart

5/06: $ A Roadmap for Supply Chain Execution w/ Hanns-Christian Hanebeck

5/06: Cycle Counting Workshop w/ Sheryl Holbrook

5/12: $ Are You a Good Customer? w/ Steven A. Melnyk, Ph.D

5/12: Has the Analytics Wave Changed How We “Do” Quality? w/ Dave Northcutt

5/13: Turkey Hill Dairy Plant Tour w/ Scott Shertzer

5/14: ​ALC Summer 2021 Golf Outin

5/18: Circular Economy w/ Chuck Nemer

5/19: Fulfillment Robotics w/ Rob Hahn

5/19: Pandemic Effects on Health Care Supply Chain w/James Fusco

5/19: APICS and Micro-learning w/ Jerry Kilty

5/25: $ Increase Agility in the Face of Unpredictability

5/27: $ Virtual Facility Tour & Networking Event with 6 Rivers Systems

6/16: Voice of the Customer and Lean Six Sigma Powerhouse w/ Tony Belilovskiy

6/29: $ Mental & Physical Health & Wellness w/ Dean Rosson

12/08: 2021 Supply Chain & Procurement Awards w/ Supply Chain Now

I like to register for the (free) events and have them on my schedule just in case I can make the event. When you register for the event you can either download a calendar invite, or the organization will send you a reminder notice or two pre-meeting. When the day comes and I have nothing pressing going on, I at least have the option to login and learn. For the longer day or multi-day events I like to have them on in the background and will listen for key words or content as I work on other things. The only potential downside to this ‘register for all’ approach is the organizations may use your e-mail to market their future events. But to me, this is a bonus. For me it is about staying current (or at least not getting left behind) and their promotions help me identify learning opportunities.

I look forward to seeing you on a web meeting.

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Chris Barnes is the Supply Chain Doctor and part of the APICS Coach network. He holds a B.S., Industrial Engineering with an Economics Minor, from Bradley University, and an MBA with emphasis on Industrial Psychology with Honors from the University of West Florida. He is one of the few people in the world to hold CPIM-F, CLTD-F and CSCP-F designations from ASCM/APICS.